Floor Renovation


Flooring plays an important role in your home. Its role is partly functional and partly decorative. Therefore, it is natural to feel nervous when you opt for floor renovation, as it can be quite challenging. People tend to make common but avoidable mistakes in their enthusiasm and ignorance. Let us have a look at them so that you can be sure to avoid them.

Buying cheap flooring materials

Any home renovation project is bound to be expensive, and you can cut corners in certain areas. However, such an option does not exist for floor renovation. When you change your flooring, you want the new one to be durable. If you opt for cheap flooring materials, then it simply will not survive for more than a few years, and you will have to renovate your floor again. This will increase the project expenses.

Never carry out DIY flooring

Unless you are a professional floor installer, never try to install the floor using DIY methods. The floor forms a crucial part of your house. Any errors and mistakes made during its installation, can lead to disastrous circumstances later on. Some issues that can crop up due to improper floor installation are:

  • Moisture issues o Sub-floor preparation issues
  • Materials laid using poor stretching techniques and not sealing the sides o Not considering the expansion factor o Poor adhesive coverage o Not allowing hardwood to acclimate etc.

Using professionally qualified floor installers, helps mitigate all of these problems and many more, from occurring.

Setting unrealistic timelines

Laying the floor requires precision and backbreaking labour. Several unexpected issues might also crop up and delay the completion of the work. Other reasons like availability of materials, labour problems, and even illness, might also push the finishing date further. So, you have to be patient with the renovation and set aside ample time to complete the project.

Choice of materials

With the various flooring material choices available now, it will be difficult for you to choose. You will be bombarded with beautiful choices in many varied colours, designs, patterns and brands. But you need to select the flooring material based on: o Its placement or which room the flooring renovation is taking place o Your budget.

Different rooms require different types of materials. For example, kitchen flooring has to be safe, low maintenance and durable, whereas for the bathroom, you have to ensure the floor is waterproof and moisture resistant. The basement floor can be quite challenging, and it is best to get a waterproof underlayment before installing the floor.

As you can see, these separate requirements of the different rooms need to be kept in mind before buying the flooring materials. More often than not, beauty becomes the deciding criteria, resulting in loss of money, time and valuable hard work.

Budget setting

You also have to be very realistic when setting the budget for floor renovation. Several things can increase the budget unexpectedly, such as contractor costs, labour problems, emergency remodelling etc. You have to factor in these things when setting the budget. Always keep a 25% buffer to take into account any emergencies that might crop up.

Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes will make the challenge of floor renovation easy to overcome. It will also ensure superlative work and the renovated floor could almost last a lifetime.



Siobhan Hearne-Fitzpatrick

"Greg has done all the tiling in our house for the last number of years (major renovations underway; everything needs to be replaced!) What can I say; friendly, professional, reliable, hard-working, and extremely talented... whatever I throw his way, curved walls, chevron patterns, uneven flooring, internal stone walls, you name it, he does an amazing job. Highly recommend Greg! "


Roisin Shanahan

"I would highly recommend Greg and his team for any work that you need done. I got a revamped kitchen completed on time and within budget in 2018 so it had to be them again to come back to lay a beautiful herringbone wooden floor in 2020. Greg is always professional and your house is left immaculate when they leave. "


Caroline & Bartek

" I wanted to take a moment to share what a wonderful experience we had working with greg and his team throughout our new build. The tile work is beautiful, the service is professional and he keeps you informed throughout the process. Most importantly they take pride in there work and make sure you are 100% satisfied before leaving the job. I would highly recommend Greg and so happy he was recommended to us. Thanks again Greg for amazing job. “


Siobhan Conroy

Hi Greg, thank you for the beautiful work you did on my kitchen and floor tiles, it was a pleasure working with you and your team.I'd be happy to recommend you to future customers, thanks again.


David O’Halloran

Greg did a bathroom upgrade and new wetroom in my own house a few years back and we just had him back to do an upgrade and new wetroom in my mum's place, including underfloor heating. 100% recommended - he's easy to work with, prices are fair especially considering the quality, he's very clean and tidy and professional and takes time and effort to get things done right.


Kevin Stevens

Just want to thanks Greg again. They have just finished another job for us, and once again top notch, they tiled our floors first, then our back splash. Always on time, brilliant workmanship, and spotless when they leave. I won't be going past them in the future, thanks 


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