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5 Crucial Things To Consider For A Kitchen Renovation

To renovate your kitchen within a budget, you need to have a comprehensive plan in place. A kitchen renovation is a challenging job that involves many things, other than simply sourcing ideas from the internet and poring through locally available samples. Additionally, remodelling tends to get out of hand; both in terms of the scale of the work and costs involved. Hence, you need to establish a few ground rules and ensure that you stick to them. 

1 - Budget:

A kitchen renovation is a major expense. You need to decide on the scale of the job and choose the budget accordingly. Consult with a good local realtor to understand what value the kitchen renovation will add to your house when you sell it. This value needs to justify the money you plan to spend on the renovation. An interior decorator would also help by giving you a rough estimate of the costs. If you have to look for finance options to get the job done, then check out the different loan options available and the interests charged. Finally, look at ways in which you can help to reduce some of the involved costs.

2 - Possibility of utilizing the existing layout:

Most renovation experts recommend sticking with the current layout to keep the costs low and the renovation simple. You need to seriously contemplate utilizing the parts of the existing layout that you feel will go with the renovations you have in mind. While changing the position of a cabinet is not very costly, changing layouts related to plumbing, electricity or gas would require permits as well as professionally qualified and licensed contractors. The scale of renovation will go up along with the costs. You should be prepared for the same.

3 - Contemplate adding space:

One common reason for a kitchen renovation is the need for more space. Still, before knocking out walls, you need to be practical about it and ensure the costs justify the extra space. Looking at other less costly options, like the expansion of cabinet space, and the rearrangement of existing appliances, should also be explored. If you have unused space available adjoining the kitchen, incorporating it to acquire a more functional space for your kitchen is always a good idea. Discussing the same with a certified architect or kitchen planner will too, be beneficial.

4 - Kitchen appliances:

These should be chosen after careful deliberation. Kitchen appliances that require additional renovations for their installation, should be chosen only if their utility justifies the extra costs incurred. For example, the installation of a dishwasher requires additional space, wiring and plumbing. Hoods also come with specific installation instructions that might require major remodelling.

5 - Kitchen lighting:

The lighting arrangement of any room has a big influence on the outcome of the renovation. For a kitchen, installation of correct lighting is very crucial. Replacing old windows with more modern or larger ones, makes the room look bright and cheerful. Using layered lighting like recessed lighting, pendant fixtures, under cabinet lights, all create a dramatic effect and such innovations should be considered.

A kitchen renovation is special, since you will be spending a considerable amount of time there lovingly labouring over a meal. Thus, it is best to look into the above-mentioned points and come up with a successful and well-made kitchen renovation plan. 



Siobhan Hearne-Fitzpatrick

"Greg has done all the tiling in our house for the last number of years (major renovations underway; everything needs to be replaced!) What can I say; friendly, professional, reliable, hard-working, and extremely talented... whatever I throw his way, curved walls, chevron patterns, uneven flooring, internal stone walls, you name it, he does an amazing job. Highly recommend Greg! "


Roisin Shanahan

"I would highly recommend Greg and his team for any work that you need done. I got a revamped kitchen completed on time and within budget in 2018 so it had to be them again to come back to lay a beautiful herringbone wooden floor in 2020. Greg is always professional and your house is left immaculate when they leave. "


Caroline & Bartek

" I wanted to take a moment to share what a wonderful experience we had working with greg and his team throughout our new build. The tile work is beautiful, the service is professional and he keeps you informed throughout the process. Most importantly they take pride in there work and make sure you are 100% satisfied before leaving the job. I would highly recommend Greg and so happy he was recommended to us. Thanks again Greg for amazing job. “


Siobhan Conroy

Hi Greg, thank you for the beautiful work you did on my kitchen and floor tiles, it was a pleasure working with you and your team.I'd be happy to recommend you to future customers, thanks again.


David O’Halloran

Greg did a bathroom upgrade and new wetroom in my own house a few years back and we just had him back to do an upgrade and new wetroom in my mum's place, including underfloor heating. 100% recommended - he's easy to work with, prices are fair especially considering the quality, he's very clean and tidy and professional and takes time and effort to get things done right.


Kevin Stevens

Just want to thanks Greg again. They have just finished another job for us, and once again top notch, they tiled our floors first, then our back splash. Always on time, brilliant workmanship, and spotless when they leave. I won't be going past them in the future, thanks 


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