Essential Benefits of Installing A Wet Room in Your Bathroom

What was once considered a luxury, available only in hotels, can now be a part of your home! Wet rooms are an entirely cordoned off and waterproofed bathroom area that houses all of your necessary bathroom utilities. Slip-resistant tiles cover the floor, allowing even young children, the elderly and people with mobility issues to easily walk in and out. By tiling this space from floor to ceiling, it reinforces its water proofing and thereby prevents water leakages. Featuring its own flush drains, installing a wet room proves to be an intelligent move in terms of space-saving. 

What are its benefits?

There are many other important benefits associated with a wet room installation. They are:

Better designing options:

You can be as creative as you want with wet rooms. The open-planned, sophisticated and creatively placed wet rooms, help increase your bathroom aesthetics, while giving it a sophisticated feel. Benefitting from fewer obstructions like fixed cubicles and shower trays, they simply offer more space to your bathroom layout. 

Increase property value:

By adding waterproofing to your bathroom, you can easily mitigate the risk of leakages and other water issues. This enhances the strength of the overall structure of your home. By channelling the water through the flush drain and sealing off the walls with tiles, the moisture remains contained and is unable to spread. The sleek, easy-to-maintain design, increases its suitability and durability. Some high-quality wet rooms, if maintained properly, can last a lifetime. All of these features make the presence of a wet room in your house, appeal to potential buyers and further increases the commercial value of your property.

Great for space saving:

This makes it extremely suitable for small properties. Wet rooms offer the benefits of a fully functional shower space without needing to add bulky fixtures and fittings. They also help you to keep the option of a second en-suite or small bathroom open. Additionally, they can be installed anywhere, irrespective of the shape or size and architecture of the space.

Easy to install:

Most contractors offer packages for wet room fittings. After you decide on the place, they waterproof the floor using the process of tanking. Then the floor to wall tiles are installed. Wet rooms are so adaptable that they can be installed seamlessly on concrete as well as wooden floors. However, they need appropriate plumbing to connect the drainage to the main plumbing within your home.

Makes cleaning easy:

It is extremely common for shower enclosures to gather grime, dirt and watermarks; especially in their creases and runners, and cleaning these out can be quite tricky. However, wet rooms have fewer shower fittings and fixtures, making the wet room space easy to access and clean. The toilet in a wet room is wall-mounted and comes with a floating basin that makes the bathroom floor completely free of clutter and other obstacles.

Wet rooms ooze simplicity and elegance. They also offer better accessibility thereby helping people who are old or unable to live independently. Consequently, wet rooms not only increase your property value, but they also improve the quality of life for people with mobility issues.



Siobhan Hearne-Fitzpatrick

"Greg has done all the tiling in our house for the last number of years (major renovations underway; everything needs to be replaced!) What can I say; friendly, professional, reliable, hard-working, and extremely talented... whatever I throw his way, curved walls, chevron patterns, uneven flooring, internal stone walls, you name it, he does an amazing job. Highly recommend Greg! "


Roisin Shanahan

"I would highly recommend Greg and his team for any work that you need done. I got a revamped kitchen completed on time and within budget in 2018 so it had to be them again to come back to lay a beautiful herringbone wooden floor in 2020. Greg is always professional and your house is left immaculate when they leave. "


Caroline & Bartek

" I wanted to take a moment to share what a wonderful experience we had working with greg and his team throughout our new build. The tile work is beautiful, the service is professional and he keeps you informed throughout the process. Most importantly they take pride in there work and make sure you are 100% satisfied before leaving the job. I would highly recommend Greg and so happy he was recommended to us. Thanks again Greg for amazing job. “


Siobhan Conroy

Hi Greg, thank you for the beautiful work you did on my kitchen and floor tiles, it was a pleasure working with you and your team.I'd be happy to recommend you to future customers, thanks again.


David O’Halloran

Greg did a bathroom upgrade and new wetroom in my own house a few years back and we just had him back to do an upgrade and new wetroom in my mum's place, including underfloor heating. 100% recommended - he's easy to work with, prices are fair especially considering the quality, he's very clean and tidy and professional and takes time and effort to get things done right.


Kevin Stevens

Just want to thanks Greg again. They have just finished another job for us, and once again top notch, they tiled our floors first, then our back splash. Always on time, brilliant workmanship, and spotless when they leave. I won't be going past them in the future, thanks 


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